Taking Flight

Founded in July 2007, RED HAWK Contracting is committed to building a premier general contracting firm in the San Antonio and surrounding area. Partners Desi Valdez and Shelley Delgado are serious about general contracting excellence and the quality of their projects.

We design and construct commercial projects, including

RED HAWK Contracting clients can trust that their needs will be managed efficiently and thoroughly, thus allowing continued focus over the daily operations of their own businesses. It is our goal to satisfy each client, no matter the size of the project. Each and every project is given equal treatment and will receive the highest level of quality and dedication.

How we came up with the name... Spotted on a neighbor's car early one morning, a Red-Tailed Hawk appeared to be inquisitive about his own reflection, only to fly off and return daily for the next three days. Like the Red-Tailed Hawk, we exhibit that same tenacity and purpose, filled with boldness and passion.

About Red Hawk